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Choose between our two contractor service options:


Option A

We will take all of your wrongfully denied claims ( full denial, repair or partial approvals) and communicate on your behalf to get them fully approved without recommending your property owners to a Public adjuster or a law firm.  We have a 92% success rate with you providing us with the correct documentation that adjusters require. If needed, We will teach you exactly how to do the inspections.  We have an app that will walk you through this process onsite.  Once we get the approval we send it back to you production ready.  Our average turnaround time from receiving the file to getting a decision is 30 days. You will need to do your own supplementing if needed after the install is completed for unforeseen things.  We charge a flat rate on your files instead of a percentage.  If we cannot get a wrongful denial, repair or partial approval claim fully approved there will be no charge for our service.  The less communication you have with the carrier after your homeowner has received a wrongful denial, repair or partial approval the higher the success rate of a full approval will be with us taking over the communication.

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Option B

Where we have found the most success for you is using our firm on all of your claims to write your estimate, create the drawings and photo report to send to the carrier within 24 hours of the claim being filed and handling all of the communication with the carrier.  There are times the carrier approves the claim without sending out an inspector as long as the required inspection photos are received from your team.  Our team is experienced with nearly every carrier across the country and knows what the do’s and don’ts are for each one.  With this process, you will see a better success rate then you ever have on approvals versus denials.  We do not get pushed around.  Our documents, communication, pricing and success rates are unmatched in our industry.  Our fees are the same for both of these services.   Most of our contractor clients start with option one, Once they know the process and understand the value we provide they send us everything. The more files you send us the better the pricing you will receive!

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Through our easy-to-use inspection app, we guarantee fast, accurate documents that save your teams time


With our streamlined process, all documents are submitted to the carrier within 24 business hours of receiving your file


Once completed this prompts our team to draw your roof report, write your estimate, and create the photo packet


Our team will upload a copy of the documents to the CRM your company already uses

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